A.    Commercial & accounting applications

With experience in the commercial accounting software application is installed which is parameterized according to the requirements sas.Etoima application packages help correct automation company sas.Me always the possibility of choice can easily assemble your own tracks through a variety of modules that are offered as follows:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Financial
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Accounting
  • Revenues, Expenses
  • Fixed Assets
  • Reporting


B.    Web Applications
Follow technological developments and market trends offer an additional tool in the development and presentation of our customers at diadiktyo.Mesa of the most famous platyformes perfectly meet any requirement glytonontas time and money.
•    E-commerce

  • Selecting design visualization
  • Easy, simple and quick tour
  • Clear arrangement of products
  • Adaptive classification of products
  • product Search
  • Special columns additional views - Promotional Products
  • Multilingual presentation system
  • Extra photos per product
  • Enlarge photo with LightBox
  • Buy products with 1 click - Complete in 3 steps
  • Order without signup necessary
  • Possibility of different delivery address
  • Shipping - Shipping Calculator
  • Payment
  • signup
  • Easy, simple and functional environment management
  • Remove categories, subcategories, products


  • Adding an image to a product
  • Extra photos per product
  • Automatic conversion sized photos.
  • Write out values
  • Prices with or without VAT
  • Featured Products, Special promotion - promoting products
  • Can Track stock - stock (optional)
  • Specific product options (typical type)
  • Tracking - Order Management
  • Send bulk email (Newsletter)
  • Statistics of the store
  • Add shipping policy - Payment
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Advertising through Google AdWords
  • Contact with other Site Promotion - comparison
  • Detailed Statistics on-line (Google Analytics)
  • Subletting ad space (Google AdSence)



•  Presentation Site
Build your own site presentation showcasing your business on the internet. Create your own text describing your activities or services prosferete.Anartiste your photos into inspiring, contemporary styles photo gallery.Doste the opportunity for someone to communicate via email within a finished form from your own site.

C.    Custom Applications
We develop applications from scratch for web applications or desktop application. Make your idea of a simple thought reality. Analyzing requirements and mode you deliver the application designed by you for you.


Technologies we use

  • php
  • jquery
  • html5
  • java
  • sql